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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join

Our service is new, but rapidly expanding! JobsDone offers a feature rich platform that helps clients and contractors quickly connect, communicate and complete jobs locally across Canada.

Need a contractor? Post your job, contract, sub-contract or gig to alert professionals by skill and location, and quickly receive local bids. Post and hire free!

Looking for job leads? Sign-up free and start promoting your services and receiving client job invitations.

How much does it cost?

Clients, send job requests and connect with available local professionals free!

Professionals, we offer monthly or yearly packages starting at $20/month

What features do you offer?

Our web, iOS & Android platforms are fully integrated allowing clients and contractors to easily post job requests, quickly receive job leads, and communicate effectively throughout the entire process.

How do I push out job requests?

It’s easy! Sign-up for a free client account, select “Post a job”, fill out your job details including skill requirements and location you would like to receive bids from, then post your job.

Before you post your job we will show you how many professionals will receive notification of your request. This can be adjusted by changing the notification radius or skills required for the job. Alternatively, invite only jobs can be posted if you would like to individually invite professionals to apply to your job, rather than sending out notifications to all contractors within an area.

Do you have mobile apps?

Yes, JobsDone offers apps on iOS or Android that offer all the features of our website in an easy to use package. Post jobs, receive job leads and keep your profile and portfolios up to date while on the move.

Do I need a cell phone to sign-up?

Although it is currently not required, we will be integrating cell phone verification in the future. We highly recommend using your mobile phone number when signing up. Your mobile number is for verification purposes only and will not display publicly. Your business number can be edited in your business profile after sign-up.

How do I review a professional?

There is only one way to review a professional on our network, you have to have hired them through our platform for a job. We do not allow any third party reviews.

JobsDone allows 2-way reviews for both contractor and clients. Images and text can be added to these reviews.

Tell me more about JobsDone Network Inc.

JobsDone was built to provide an organized, ad-free marketplace to help customers and contractors quickly connect, communicate and complete jobs across Canada.

Our service launched in early November 2018 and we are currently onboarding members from across the country. As we reach the number of professionals required to support job requests from prospective clients, further marketing and educational initiatives will be implemented.

During this phase of our business launch we will be operating in a public beta capacity. You can expect regular product updates in the weeks to come as we work to fine-tune the platform.

All the best,

The JobsDone Team